Bongo’s Bingo Dundee

DuckSlatterys 31 South Ward Rd, dundee, angus

Bongo’s Bingo Dundee is the definitive bingo experience. It’s a crazy mix of the traditional bingo that we all know and love plus dance-offs, rave intervals, audience participation and countless magical moments, currently taking place in almost 50 locations all around the world. It’s the wildest bingo experience you will ever have with music, dance-offs and giant […]



DuckSlatterys 31 South Ward Rd, dundee, angus

Travis Dundee Travis will perform a stripped-back, intimate gig at Fat Sams Dundee on May 23rd 2022. The Scottish pop-rock band will come to Dundee to play a short, intimate gig at Fat Sams. The guitar pop quartet Travis are marking 20 years of their hugely successful The Invisible Band with a UK tour in May 2022. […]